Monday, February 21, 2011

Polca dots fabric necklace

In the early 70's polka dot was on the wave of fashion, it was loved and worn by almost all women! This time can be called the time of Hollywood beauties: the polka-dot dress was worn with broad hats and big sunglasses …

Past almost 40 years, and polka dots are back in fashion - you can see it everywere. Clothing or accessories in polka-dot fit into any style of outfits: suit is great for urban style; sneakers, jeans and t-shirt in polka dots — great for casual style. Office shirt in polka dots you can combine with strict pants and high heels.
This Polca dots fabric necklace in Audrey Hepburn style  will be perfect addition to your spring outfits! 

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rizalaYa said...

Lovely idea. Looks very beautiful.


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