Monday, October 24, 2011

Cute hair pins for Nicole

Many of us have children and who has a girl know they seem to come from the womb with a collection of hair clips, hairbands, hair pins... 
I don't have children but my friend has beautiful girl 6 years old. This year she gone in the school. Nicole is half russian and half italian girl and she inherited blond hair from her mother and chocolate eyes from her father. I love Nicole very much. 
I made some hair pins and hair ties with crochet flowers for Nicole and she jumped from happy. So I thinked why I don't make this tiny things for other girls and this is outcome. Of course I made photos with Nicole. She was so anxious to be a model)

These bobby pins are simple  - crochet flower attached to the bobby pin. It's finished with a bead in the center of the flower. So, If you know to crochet, you can make little flower and sew it on the bobby pin. Pretty, cute and unique these crochet bobby pins are perfect for girls of all ages. I made them from cottone for childrens that has special ueropean certificate of health and safety of textile products.
You can find cute hair pins of different colors in my shop.

3 коммент.:

LaFiabaRussa said...

e questi fermacapelli deliziosi piacciono anche a me.
La bimba mooolto bella!

Natalka Pavlysh said...

Amazing idea! I like them so much!

lovecrafts said...

So cute! i love it, thanks for sharing.


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