Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Clutch bags - unlimited space for creativity

Every woman needs the perfect purse to complement the perfect outfit.
There are many handbags to choose from, but what can be more stylish, glamour, and grace than the clutch bag?
 Today I want to show you a small selection of breathtakingly beautiful clutches. They are made in different techniques: embroidered with beads and sequins, decorated with ribbons or fabric flowers, in the form of little animals. It seems there isn’t any kind of decor that would not be used by designers.
In fact, simple form of clutch is the perfect canvas for creative person.
The idea of the clutch purse came from the Victorian era with the reticule. It’s a small decorative bag in which lady stored her handkerchief and smelling salts.  Clutch as the evening accessory has been the norm since the 1930s, when Hollywood starlets and socialites began to show a preference for handheld structured bags at special events. After the war, the clutch purse became the evening bag of choice for elegant women everywhere. 
Now you can find clutches in every collection Haute couture or pret a porter. It needs a long time to produce one clutch Haute couture. Nathalie Trad and her namesake label, for example, take a minimum of two weeks. The process includes hand-picking shells (paua blue, mother-of-pearl and black lip) specific to certain tones and variations.
I invite you to enjoy!

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Unknown said...

beautiful! I would like to get one )

ReStyleGraphic said...

What beautiful things, thanks for sharing.


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