Sunday, November 14, 2010

Yesterday I was featured in Etsy Finds

Yesterday I was featured in Etsy Finds. This is daily Etsy shopping guide. It was surprise for me to see my Ice blue leather flower Shoe clips there!

This morning I saw Google Analitics and I had over 1000 person had a look at my shop and over 2700 pages viewed pages! It was like be on Etsy Front Page all day) Of course I had sales tonight.

You can see this collection here.
It's called "Holiday Spectrum"

3 коммент.:

Felicity said...

That's excellent, congrats!


Yuliya said...

Congratulation, wonderful news! :) Now you have to work harder to replenish what people purchased from your store :) Looking forward to see what you will invent :)

Ryan said...

Congratulations! I had the same thing happen to me a few weeks ago, but didn't realize why until I looked at my GA.


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