Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Land of the fishermans

You know, Puglia is the land of fishermans. There are a lot of small fishing boats which bring fresh fish every morning on the special fish market. You can see these mens often on the sea front unraveling fishing nets. Today selection of photos I dedicated to fishermans. These photos I made this weekend in Gallipoli and last summer in Porto Cesareo.

fishing boats

 This photo I made in small bay near Brindisi
Sunset in the Porto Cesareo

Porto Cesareo
Porto Cesareo

Monday, April 29, 2013

Poppies field

I know, it seems like I took a new toy) but I so like my new camera that I always take it with me and don't lose the chance to make some photos. 
I was going by scooter when I suddenly saw an amazing poppies field. So I stopped, took my camera from the carrier and began to make photos of poppies) I forgot to say that it's one of my most favorite flower. 
When we was going by car in Lecce I saw other one field much bigger but I can't go there by scooter, it's too far. So I need to ask my husband and it's so hard to get him to go there(
Ok, there are some photos from the small field:


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Saturday evening sun

Saturday we had a photo shoot with my model Katya and after it I made few shots with the sunset. Be sure I will show you photos when they will be edited, but now I show you The Sunset
I like this moment when the water die away with the sky in this unique color:

Empty beach, what can be more romantic:
The Sunset:

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Walking through the Cerano Forest

This Sunday we decided to go walking, but not far. Best idea we created was to walk along the coastal road. Going by car out of the city after about 5 km I saw the sign - Bosco di Cerano (Cerano Forest). We decided to change our plans and explore this forest, located so close to Brindisi and which for some reason we have not heard about.
For clarification I will say that the forest in our region - a rare thing, basically you can see olive groves, fields with vegetables or vinelands. Therefore, each grove is a national park in miniature.
The forest was divided by road along which we came. 

Both parts had had paths and benches for rest.

The paths sometimes came out on the sidelines of vinelands.  

Now it's spring and vines are covered with the first pale green leaves. 

And under them grow poppies and other flowers.

One of the paths led us to a huge field of yellow flowers, where sometimes poppies could have been seen.

I realized that yellow is the color of high noon spring in the southern Italy for me, because this color can be seen everywhere.

After the trees, I saw something bright yellow and scrambled through the brush I saw this huge mimosa tree in the full blow.  I didn't have enough space to make a photo of whole tree.

I liked contrast between mimosa and dry stock under it.

In the end we arrived to the sea and tired we decided to go back home.

We realized that we need to be sure prihat here for a picnic)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Double Chain bracelet DIY

You can make a lot of these wonderful bracelets for your summer jewelry collection!
You will need:
Chain, twice the length of your wrist
3-3.5 yards suede rope or atlas cord (as I used here)
1 lobster clasp
adjustable chain 
2 jump rings 0.7-0.8mm/0.3 diameter
crochet hook

Thread the cord through the links connecting both ends of the chain and knot.
Take on end of the cord and pass it through the link of one half of the chain, then through other. Continue till the end. Take second past of the cord and make the same thing on opposite direction. So you will have like zig-zag. Repeat until you reach the end of the chain.
When you pass cord through the last link of the chain make a knot. Using crochet hook pass ends of the cord inside bitween cord and chain as shown.
Cut ends about 2cm from the knot. 
Take one jump ring and logster clasp attach them to the one end of the cord. Take other jump ring and adjustable chain and attache them to the second end of the chain.
Your amazing bracelet is ready! You can make a lot using cord of different colors. I made mint, blue and salmon)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Pastel shades - Spring catalog by Katrinshine

Finally I finished my spring catalog and pubblished it on Issuu:

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