Thursday, May 21, 2015

Spring flowers in South Italy

It took a long time to write, but I was so busy with a new job. Here we have already a full summer time with the 30-degree heat, but I decided to write about spring), better late than never

Sometimes I make long walks, about 10km. This time I decided to go along the paths and trails in the National Park Torre Guaceto. I love to go there because it's really beautiful. I took a camera to capture these spring moments and show you all the beauty of southern Italian spring. 
Yes, I forgot to write that this is my favorite time of the year - not cold, but there isn't the stifling summer heat, and everything is blooming and green. So many ​​colors I had never seen anywhere else. And do not say that in Russia you can find it easily - I grew up in the Polar north, we did not have all these colors. I'm not saying Polar north is not  beautiful, but it's completely different!

 enjoy the beautiful flowers))

Let's start with poppies - I love them so much!

 in the last year I asked a friend-photographer to do a photo shooting in the field with poppies 

continue about flowers)

Almost every field is covered yellow flowers, and this is, by the way, the path 

White flashes on a a bright yellow field

There are a lot has purple, pink and various shades of them

This flower I liked particularly for its shape)

Interesting blue flowers, seems that they are shy and look down)

And just by a miracle, I found a few trees in bloom - I can not say almonds or apricots. We see that they have already given the leaves, because they usually bloom much earlier. Probably some late sort. But they were very beautiful!

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