Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Spaghetti with garlic, olio and hot pepper

I'm living in Italy. This is the country with long traditions, also in the kitchen. Especially is famouse pasta. I decided to put here some recipes of the kitchen of our region - Salento. It's the region of olives and vine. One of the dish we cook often at home is Spaghetti aglio, olio, peperoncino - Spaghetti with garlic, olio and hot pepper. It's simple recipe that don't needs many ingredients and only 20 minutes to cook!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wall hanging organizer Sunny Day

My acquaintance asks me to make a wall hanging organizer with pockets and appliques for make a gift for the birth of friend’s child. I think it will be great gift! Thes pockets will hold a lot of small items in one place! Both functional and attractive!
Appliques are like a child drawn pictures – the sun, the trees, the cars, the train. We decided to make it from a felt of different colours and sew it with buttonhole stitch. At the top we placed the sun with the rays and the clouds, then several layers of the pockets with the train, the cars, the cat and the fence, the cameo-shell and the grass. I prepared a sketch in the program CorelDraw, than draw the pattern of parts in life-size on the paper. I spent a whole week to make this panel, but the result exceeded all expectative! The combination of different textures: fabric, felt, leather gives to the panel freshness and originality.

Una mia conoscente mi ha chiesto di fare un pannello con le tasche ed applicazioni che doveva regalare ad una sua amica che doveva partorire. Le applicazioni devono essere fatte come se fossero disegnate da un bambino – il sole, gli alberi, le macchine, il treno. Abbiamo deciso di farle di feltro di diversi colori e cucirle con punto a occhiello. In alto abbiamo deciso di mettere il sole con i raggi e le nuvole, sotto, a livelli diversi, delle tasche con il treno, le macchine, il gatto e la recinzione, le lumache e l’erba. Ho preparato la schema in programma CorelDraw e poi ho fatto modelli di applicazioni a grandezza naturale di carta. Ho trascorso una settimana intera per fare questo pannello, ma il risultato ha superato ogni aspettativa! La combinazione di diverse strutture esterne: tessuto, feltro e pelle da freschezza e originalità al pannello.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Necklace AZURE FANTAZY on the Etsy Front Page!

I was featured on Etsy Front Page again! My Summer short necklace AZURE FANTAZY was included in treasury EPL Summer Contest - AQUA REFLECTIONS created by FineEmbroidery.
Sono stata ancora sulla Prima Pagina di Etsy! Mia collana corta estiva AURE FANTAZY era inclusa in treasury EPL Summer Contest - AQUA REFLECTIONS creata da FineEmbroidery.
So fresh colors! Instant hearts for my shop. It’s amazing what Etsy’s Front Page can do for your shop. This was a nice surprise when I awoke in the morning)
Thank you FineEmbroidery because necklace was immediately sold!
Bellissimi freschi colori! Subito molti cuori per mio negozio. E' sorprendente che cosa puo fare Prima Pagina di Etsy per il tuo negozio. Era una sorpresa piacevole quando mi sono svegliata di mattina)
Grazie a
FineEmbroidery perche questa collana era immediatamente venduta!Congrats to all of the featured sellers!: eleonoraesposito, FunEmbroidery, heatherpalmer, katrinshine, MyWayToSay, socksandmittens, JaneBoFelt, EmeliaJane, jollytimeone, daimblond, shesitsbytheseashore, cookieletta

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Yacht Al Mirqab in Brindisi

Today i saw a miracle. In the posr of Brindisi came in one of the most beautiful megayacht in the world Al Mirqab. It takes 7th place in the top10 of biggest yacht of the world and it’s owned by Qatar Primiero Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani. At the time of descent in 2008, according to magazine FOBS it was one of most beautiful and perfect yacht in the world. It’s long 133 meters. When I stood next to it I felt chokey.Unfortunately, I hadn’t camera, so some photos I found on the Internet, some made by mobile phone.

Etsy Promo Love first summer online catalogue

I'm a member of Etsy Promo Love. It's a Facebook group for promoting handmade items and discovering new crafters. In my previous post: Big Giveaway with Etsy Promo Love you can read about Big Giveaway and can win many beautiful item.
The first Etsy Promo Love online catalogue are featuring some of most active members of the group and my Patchwork Bag CINNAMON was included there!

Sono membro di
Etsy Promo Love. E' Facebook gruppo per promozione capi artigianali e scoprire nuovi talenti. In mio post precedente potete leggere di Big Giveaway con Etsy Promo Love e potete vincere molti belli capi.
Il primo Etsy Promo Love catalogo online rappresenta alcuni piu attivi membri di gruppo e la mia Borsa CINNAMON era inclusa!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Twice in one day on the Etsy Front Page!

I thought that it was happy May for me because three time my items was featured on the Etsy Front Page. But today two of my items was featured at the same time!!! This both summer necklaces are one of my favourites that's why i'm so happy.
Ho pensato che era un felice maggio per me perche per tre volte sono stata sulla Prima Pagina di Etsy. Ma oggi due mie collane sono state rappresentate contemporaneamente!!! Queste due collane sono tra le mie preferite perciò sono tanto felice.

First was Summer long Necklace PINK FANTASY. This listing was included in an lovely treasury "Summer Light" by crochetbutterfly. Thank you! Second was Summer necklace FRESH BERRIES.

And it was included in amazing treasury
✿`•.¸¸.•´✿ NEW FRIENDS ✿`•.¸¸.•´✿ by FunEmbroidery. Thank you!

You can find it and many other summer jewelry in my Etsy shop.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Earrings Pink Twilight and Blue Twilight

Here are two of my latest creations - Earrings PINK TWILIGHT and BLUE TWILIGHT. With this earrings i begin two new lines of textile jewelry.
Dangling earrings are always in fashion!
Swaying tassels of gunmetal chain add length and movement. Eardrops are bifit to girls with round, oval and triangular type of face. If you buy this earrings for any particular outfit, just think they fit well or not. Colors of clothing and jewelry should be combined. With dangling earrings is better to not wear the pendant. Only if it's in complete. Otherwise accessories will contradict each other.

Earrings PINK TWILIGHT are in a shades of cadet grey, pink, black and white.

are in a shades of cadet grey, pink, black and white.

You can find it already in my Etsy shop.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Big Giveaway with Etsy Promo Love

* Recently we've all playing the Esty Promo Love game on Facebook! It is a game that involves promoting Etsy items on the famous social network in a fun and helpful way. It started with a group of Etsian sellers and EVERYONE is welcome to join the group!!!

* The philoshopy of this game is mutual promotion! Using the "share" option that is almost everywhere on FB we can spread an item we like to our friends in real time with just one click! If one of our friends likes it and clicks the "share" button too, the item we picked for sharing will immediately appear on the wall of our friend, where it will be seen by all of their friends who may also like to play the game, and so on... Imagine how quickly an item will be seen by hundreds or thousands of people who may not even know the person who made it - and all this for FREE!

Etsy Promo Love game is celebrating the opening of the group with a big GIVEAWAY!!!!

*Here are the beautiful items that can be won, thanks to the generous EPL group members:

1. Vivi Varvarande - Lucky Rabbit Pendant
2. Katherine Pyl - Vintage Filigree Necklace
3. Kostas Tsipos - U2 Collage
4. Stefania Morgante - Black Pen Print
5. Karolin Wagner - Glass Figurine Animal
6. Nausika Kokkini - Rose Silver Ring
7. Anta Papadopoulou - Flower Earrings
8. Silvia Manzoni - Black Earrings
9. Marlene Pennacchietti - Blue Roset Ring
10.Lori Peery Davis - Vanilla-Lavender Bath Salts
11.Angel Pearls- Crochet iPhone/iPod Cover
12.Katerina Perouli - Felted Hairband
13.Kallia Zampou - Fornasetti Evil Eye Brooch
14.Fatma Solmazgul - Swarovski Crystal Pendant
15.Candan Imrak - Turqoise Earrings
16.Maria Schina - Dots Silver Pendant
17.Rita Juse-Cirkse - Ceramic Pendant
18.Dinamar Demir - Flower Lariat Necklace
19.HeartshapedCreations - Polymer Clay Figure
20.RosemaryManufacture - Glass pearl Earrings
21.Toofashion - Bookmark
22.MyHeartBeads - Bali Copper French Earrings
23.Roroism - Felt Flower Pin
24. Elr104 - Fine Art Photograph
25.Zafran - Pink Patch Iron
26.Huiyitan - Pencil Ear Studs
27.OmniaCrafts - Wire Sculpture/Ear
28.Beautyland -Red & Black airy Necklace

* If you want to participate in this giveway and have a chance to win one of the fabulous gifts shown above, you have to do three things from 16 to 29 June:

1. Post the giveaway on your blog (*copy the text from here , *paste it to a new post of your blog in Edit HTML sheet, *then publish your post and let everyone know about the big Etsy Promo Love Giveaway!!!)
2. Share the giveaway on a place out of Facebook (forum, blog, other social networks like Twitter)
Share the link of your announcement here so your participation will be valid!!!

** You can participate as many times as you want! In this way you increase the possibility to win one of these amazing gifts!!! BUT you HAVE TO DO the whole procedure AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT TO PARTICIPATE!!!!

* The winners will be drawn using a random generator from and announced on the wall of Etsy Promo Love on 30 June.

* Stay tuned!!!! More surprises from Esty Promo Love game will follow!!!


Thursday, June 10, 2010

XXV Regata Brindisi-Corfu

Yesterday from Brindisi started XXV International Regata Brindisi-Corfu. Partecipate 113 yachts from 5 countries: Italy, Greece, Montenegro, Croatia and Russia! Today they must finish in the town of Kerkira on the island of Corfu (Greece).

Ieri da Brindisi è partita la XXV Regata Internazionale Brindisi-Corfu. Partecipano 113 barche a vela da 5 paesi: Italia, Grecia, Montenegro, Croazia e Russia. Oggi devono arrivare a Kerkira sulla isola di Corfu.

For the first time in my life I saw the start of the regata. To admirate this spectacle, we went to the far dock output of the port (like many others who wanted to see). This made a great impression on me and I still stand before my eyes hundred yachts sailing.

Per la prima volta nella mia vita ho visto la partenza di una regata. Per ammirare questo spettacolo siamo andati sull’ultimo molo all’uscita del porto (come molti altri che volevano vedere). Ha fatto una grande impressione su di me ed ho ancora davanti ai miei occhi la vista di centinaia di barche a vela che passano di fronte a me.

Yachts are all different, they are divided into classes, but I don’t know how exactly. One my friend said that all depends from the equipment of yachts - fewer operations are performed automatically, the more valued this yacht and has a more advantage. Conversely, even if one yacht arrives for first, but it is completely automated, most likely it will not get first place in the regatta if don’t have a lot of time vantage or other criteria.

Le barche a vela sono tutte diverse, e sono suddivise in classe, secondo criteri che esattamente non so. Un amico mi ha detto che dipende dalle dimensioni, dall’attrezzatura della barca. Ad esempio se una barca è azionata solo manualmente è piu avvantaggiata. Al contrario, anche se la barca è arrivata prima, ma è completamente automatizzata, molto probabilmente non otterrà il primo premio della regata perché bisogna considerare anche altri fattori, come ad esempio il tempo di arrivo ed il vantaggio sulla seconda o altro.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I represent you new summer necklace EVENING DEW. It's beautiful necklace in a shades of red, violet, iceberg blue, olive green and more! 9 wooden beads are covered with high quality italian fabric and connected together in this beautiful necklace. It's 85 cm/ 33,5” long, and it is adjustable since it has a ties to connect it.
This necklace you can already find in my Etsy Shop. This week many new earrings are waiting to be described in my next post!
Vi presento la nuova collana estiva EVENING DEW. E' molto bella collana nelle tonalità di rosso, viola, blue, verde olive! 9 palline di legno sono coperte di seta. Ha la lungheza di 85 cm e regolabile perche c'è l'ha il nodo dietro.
Questa collana gia potete trovare in mio Etsy Shop. Questa settimana molti nuovi orecchini aspettano di essere descritti in prossimo post!

And don't forget my SPECIAL SUMMER OFFER!!! If you have any blog (livejornal, blogspot, etc), all you need to do is write a small post about my production. Or even a separate post, but simply a reference in the text of another post. The only important condition is an active link on my Etsy shop. Everything else as you like. As a reward you will receive a one-time discount of 20% of the cost of your purchase. Just write me a conversation on Etsy with link of your post - and the discount will guaranteed!

E non dimenticare la mia OFFERTA ESTIVA SPECIALE!!!
Se ce l'hai il quasiasi blog (livejornal, blogspot, etc) ti serve solo scrivere il piccolo post su mia produzione. O pure non post separato, ma semplicemente riferimento in testo di altro post.
C'è solo una condizione importante, è link attivo al mio negozio Etsy. Tutto il resto come volete. Come ricompensa ricevete uno sconto del 20% del costo del tuo acquisto. Soltanto scrivimi messaggio on Etsy con link di tuo post - e ti garantisco lo sconto!

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