Sunday, June 12, 2011

Earrings with tassels

Tassels… This small modest element of decor has quite unexpectedly rich history and meaning. After first screening sin 2011 and now we know exactly what  tassel back to life, now as a decorative element for handbags, clothing and jewelry. Tassels can be a tiny and unobtrusive or the radical long. Earrings with tassels can dangle down almost to the shoulders.

Natalie Portman and KAte Hudson

In my summer collection of jewelry I present fabric earrings with tassels “Blue twilight”, “Pink twilight” and “Sea waves”. Beautiful high quality silk fabric and vintage beads make these earrings unique. Swaying tassels add length and movement. 

Pattern of fabric that I use to create earrings “Sea waves” remind me ocean waves because it is shimmering from purple to blue, from azure to gray, so that why each pair of earrings made from this fabric is unique. These earrings are versatile, can be used as a daily, and with evening clothes, perfect to wear with jeans clothing.

Bring your most daring fantasies and create your own unique style!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

La Papara

Are you thinking that I visited Wild West of America? No)
This is "La Papara" - competition where horsemen from all parts of Puglia take part for winning the "head" of papara. La papara is a little balloon with water. The goal of horseman is at full tilt bring down it. For do this men should be able to perfectly ride a horse and have a coordination. It's important not only to bring down the balloon but return to start the shortest time. This year in La Papara took part 9 horsemen.

This man was my favorite because hi perfectly rided a horse and seemed organic whole with horse. Hi had the most beautiful horse I ever seen:

I thinked that he will win and he had the best time till the last boy. But this last boy took 4th place in European competition of Barrel Riding. His time was better for only 0.13 sec!

I made this photo in excactly moment when he break down the balloon)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cell phone cases for your Father

I'm living in Salento in the South Italy - It's region of wine and olive oil. That's why often my inspiration cames from nature and long traditions of this region. 
If you go out from Brindisi you will see hundreds and thousands olive trees. Olive tree has amazing color of leaves and it inspired me to create this cell phone case from dark olive green leather. It has simmetric design with two olive green circles which seem two olives.

The second I made from bronze leather. This is the color of the clayey disiccated land of Salento. This design is very simple.
This light beige leather remember me the color of walls made from stones without concrete. This walls traditionally devide fields and gardens in countryside of Salento. This sleeve case has two circles and decorative brown stitches. 

To create this one I was inspired by color of the sky. It's simple and decorated only with white stitches:

The last sleeve case I created from brown leather inspired by color of rind of olive trees. Decorated with black borders and a few dark brown stitches this leather case remind me check on the rind of olive trees.

Every cell phone sleeve is unique as because I don't have this leather more as because I like to make one of a kine things. 
If you still thinking about gift for your father or searching gift for your special men, one of these leather cell phone cases can be a great gift idea! Make this Father's Day gift special by helping your dad personalize his phone. 

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