Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Gift for my husband

Last week my husband had a birthday and I prepared a special gift for him. I know that he likes something for his office so I asked my friend Alla (she has a shop on Etsy FleetingStillness) to make a bussines card holder with naturals stones. As office of my husband is in classic dark wood style and there are many vintage items to decorate the rooms (of course you can see t-shirt of Yuventus on the wall but it's a long story) so card holder in earth colors is perfect for the office. 
Finally business cards of Nando are in order)

You can read interview with Alla on my blog here. She is very interesting person and talented artist.

5 коммент.:

Natalka Pavlysh said...

Wow, gorgeous gift!

Nadezda Bokovikova said...

Lovely work!

IrinaN said...

It looks really great!

GalaFilc said...

Interesting gift for men

Elettrarossa said...

Beautifully crafted and very useful :D


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