Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Crochet wrap beach skirt

Crochet wrap beach skirt is very cute, comfortable and practical beach accessory. This is an excellent alternative for common beach pareos. It also allows you to create your own unique and original beach style.
Crochet this skirt is a pleasure, it’s easy and quickly. You should crochet from top down, first few rows make double crochets, and then make net, gradually increasing the number of crochets. In the end sew satin ribbons to the edges for tie the skirt.

Well, as an option for those who does not know how to crochet, but knows how to sew - go on the market to buy an vintage crochet tablecloth, of course check that it has not holes and without spots, and sew a wrap skirt. It will be very nice!

You will need satin ribbon (length=length of the skirt+ties) and the cotton ribbon of smaller width than the satin (length=length of the skirt). Cut the cloth as you like to get the piece for the skirt. Put top edge of the skirt between satin and cotton ribbon and sew. Your skirt are ready!

4 коммент.:

Natalka Pavlysh said...

Great idea!

IrinaN said...

Cute skirts-) I like the idea!

Eileen Tiu said...

I went to the link and my browser automatically converted to English but the instructions were not converted properly... Can you help translate what the following terms are?
1. semistable - полуст
2. temperature - возд
3. polustolbikami - вяжем полустолбиками
4. tbsp - ст
5. without NAC - без нак.
Thanks so much!

Katrinshine said...

1. double crochet - полуст
2. chain - возд
3. make many crochets - вяжем полустолбиками
4. crochet - ст
5. crochet - без нак.


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