Monday, October 8, 2012

Sunday in Quedlinburg

Now I stay for 3 weeks in Magdeburg, Germany for study. This saturdy was rainy but then arriver nice sunny sunday, so It was great day for some trip. I decided to visit small but beautiful and famouse antique town Quedlinburg. It's about 70 km (1 hour by train) from Magdeburg and it's UNESCO World heritage site. There are thousands of old houses in the ols town and a castle on the mountain. It's one of the best-preserved medieval and renaissance towns in Europe, having escaped major damage in World War II.

History of Quedlinburg goes back up to the 10th century!  Quitilingaburg is first mentioned in 922 in an official document of Henry I (the Fowler), who was elected German King in 919. 

Enough about history, I want to show you photos! Golden fall and good weather are best ingridients to make good photos!

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Galia Grayevsky said...

Adorable place. When I read such kind of articles, I only hope one day I will have an opportunity to visit all these wonderful places.

Arctida said...

Beautiful pictures and great article! :)

IrinaN said...

I'm jealous :) I would love to visit the city, too.


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