Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Risotto with zucchini flowers and saffron - Risotto con fiori di zucca

Today I wrote about new recipe. It's Risotto with zucchini flowers. A few days ago I gone at the local market to buy a piece of pumpkin. After I bought it I saw fresh zuvvhini flowers and decided not to miss opportuniti to make this risotto. The piece of pumpkin I left for other day. So, let's begin!
It's easy to make recipe and need about 20 min. 

You will need :
about 200 gr of zucchini flowers,
300 gr of rise
1 onion
1 l of vegetable broth (you can use also water)
a sachet of saffron
70 gr. grated Parmesan cheese
50-70 ml of white vine

 Wash the zucchini flowers, dry them with a paper towel, remove the pistil. Thinly slice flowers:

 Cut the onion finely. Put butter in one sausepan and saute the onion.

 Add the zucchini flowers

After a few minutes add the rice and toast it, then pour white wine.
Start adding gradually the ladles of vegetable broth, as soon as you see that the water is absorbed. Melt the contents of a sachet of saffron to the pan and stir well, so that mix well with rice. Continue to add broth, until the rice will be cooked. Don't forgot to add salt and pepper.

Before serving add Parmesan cheese and let stand for 5 minutes.

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Anonymous said...

This makes me think of my journey to Italy. Must be delicious....

Katrinshine said...

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Katrinshine said...

The next one will be risotto with saffron - very delicious!

WoolSolution said...

sounds good. bookmarked for summer. Have tons of zucchini flowers at summer time. Thanks for sharing

Arctida said...

Looks so yummy!


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