Thursday, July 17, 2014

Two hours in Castelmezzano, Basilicata

Some times ago on a Sunday we were in Basilicata. Looking through Tripadvizor for the restaurant, where we could go for lunch, I noticed that all restaurants in the town Castelmezzano have many reviews. Other restaurants within 30 kilometers have not more then a dozen of reviews. And all the reviewers wrote about the "Volo dell'angelo" - Fly of the Angel. It grown an interest in us, and we decided to look at this town and find out what is this - Volo dell'angel

In Italy, a beautiful small towns we call Borgo, and, as it turned out that Castelmezzano is among the 100 most beautiful Borgo of Italy. This was a surprise, and it's only 2 hours by car from Brindisi! This stunning little town, literally stuck to the cliff. 

Volo dell'angelo turned out to be an attraction famous for Europe! 

Between two mountain peaks in Lucan Dolomites a steel cable tensioned (actually two of them - because you make two way fly). You can feel like an angel who flies in the sky and see breathtaking panorama. Anyone who overcame his fear, can enjoy not only the sensation of free flight but magnificent views a bird's-eye, or better to say - angelic's -eye. There are gorgeouse mountains, water stream and forests. Unfortunately, it was still closed (it was spring), but we will definitely go back and try it) 

In Castelmezzano thera re many narrow streets, rising at an angle and small ladders to shorten the path between the streets. 

There are several restaurants, in one of which, a small trattoria over this bar we had lunch. 15 euros per person, we got a fixed menu, everything was very tasty and soooo much that the next time we'll take only one)) 

Top-down view of the houses and streets 

On the opposite hill is another town - Petrapertosa, on the right

On the way to the town of a top view of Basilicata

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