Monday, November 17, 2014

Spicy pumpkin soup-puree

Since my childhood I did not like pumpkin and no tricks of mom could not get me to eat something with it. Passing the time, tastes change and at first I began to prepare risotto with pumpkin and then tried other recipes. Today I will introduce you my version of the recipe soup, mashed pumpkin. This soup is spicy and a little unusual, I hope you like it)

You will need:

  • pumpkin, about a pound
  • one or two potatoes
  • onion
  • red lentils (a little bit - optional)
  • cream
  • oil
  • turmeric and chili powder
  • salt

Cut or chop finely in a blender the onion and fry it until golden brown

Pumpkin and potatoes clean and cut into small or medium pieces, put to boil in salted water.

If you add red lentils, then put it when the pumpkin is already semi-cooked, because this lentils cooked quickly. When all is cooked, drain almost all the broth (broth can leaved for something else), add the onion and chop in a blender.

Add a bit of cream, a spoonful of turmeric and a pinch (or more, as you like) red pepper powder. Mix everything well.

I like to sprinkle flax seeds or sesame seeds and pour a spoon of good olive oil.

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