Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Amazing Christmas Lausanne

By accident in December we went to Switzerland to the ball. His cousin lives there near Lausanne, and she actually invited us to this event and hosted us. We went for 3 days, so we can spent on the day for Lausanne and one for Geneva before departure.

It was cold, icy wind, when we visited Lausanne so we decided to walk only in the center and don't go down to the lake.

The city is very beautiful, especially decorated for Christmas. I think in the spring and summer it is absolutely amazing. The decorations on the streets were non-traditional, modern, not the way we usually think about them - for example, clouds made of white wire, hanging men, perhaps, they were angels, but at first glance did not seemed so.

Lausanne - the 4th largest city in Switzerland, it is remarkable that is on 2 levels. This is due to the fact that it was built on three hills, which are connected by bridges. Elevation here is from 373 to 871 meters above sea level. And Since 1994, Lausanne - the official Olympic capital of the world. Here are the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee, as well as key institutions for managing the Olympic movement and international sports.

Taking off the bus we got straight to the Church of St. Francis.

Here began and Christmas Market, where there was a lot of things: and knitwear, and soap and cosmetics, and jewelry.

Every weekend in the streets of the old city it is also a market, so the streets were filled with vendors of everything: lots of flowers, branches and all you need for Christmas decorations, as well as ready-made Christmas decorations for the house, vegetables and fruits, homemade canned goods and more.

mushrooms :)

After strolling through the streets and bought a jam, we went to another square with the Cathedral of Notre Dame - one of the most beautiful and important Gothic churches of Europe. At one time, it was a center of pilgrimage. Now there is a organ of 7,000 pipes.

On this square Fair moved into the category cheese-sausage (there were even Italian cheeses and pasta) and then became a flea market where I bought a pair of spoons/forks/knives for food photos.

By the way, I really liked the singing of the choir, which collected donations in the pot on the side of the photo:

And, of course, we haven't forgotten to buy in this shop some Swiss chocolate to bring it at home :)

One of the squares in the center called square Palud, decorated in the center with a beautiful colored fountain "Justice". On the square there is a clock that shows every hour a small musical performance. We were lucky and we just went at one o'clock on the square.

Here, actually, I drinking gluehwein  :)

This is me before entering at the ball, which was held at the Beau-Rivage Palace, which is one of the most luxurious hotels not only in Switzerland but also in Europe and in the world. 

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