Monday, September 13, 2010

Short necklace CINDER

I present you my latest creation - Short necklace CINDER.

4 beads are made in special technique from organza fabric. They are separated by grey glass beads in this beautiful necklace in a shimmery sha
des of silver, grey, platinum, davy's grey and more! The necklace has the pendant in the center - grey star. You can matching it with bracelet.

Gray - one of the most versatile colors in our days. It is absolutely befit to all men and women. Gray is practical. It is the color of elegance and neutrality. It can be combined with almost all colors and shades. Image of a girl in a gray today is at the top of the popularity in the world of fashion. A combination of black and gray looks very stylish. Gray goes well with pink, red and turquoise.

You can find it and many other fabric jewelry in my Etsy shop.

3 коммент.:

La Alicia said...

wow, that new necklace is lovely! those organza beads are just incredible!

maureencracknell said...

Great necklace -- I love the color!

Flowers said...

That necklace is awesome, and so unique. Beautiful!


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