Friday, March 22, 2013

How to make crochet ball

How to make crocheted beads in a few easy steps. Many time people asked me to write this tutorial and finally it's here.

These crochet balls you can make in all the colours of the rainbow and in any size.
It is a very good idea for beginners to start out with thick yarn and a large hook so they can practice before going down to the skinnier threads and crochet hooks. 

Used terms: stitch (st.), single crochet (sc), single crochet 2 together (sc2tog) 

A wooden bead is perfect as a core of a crochet ball, but you can use acrylic beads as well. Use proper size of crochet needle for the yarn you chose to use for the bead.

Take a bead about 2 cm diameter.

Make a loop a few inches from the end of your yarn.
Take the loop where two threads overlap, between your left thumb and forefinger.

Insert hook into the loop from front to back.

Draw up a loop.
Make a chain.

Insert the hook into the loop, so you are crocheting over a loop and the yarn tail.
Draw up a loop to begin your first SC.
Complete the SC.

Continue to crochet over a loop and the yarn tail until you have 6-8 SC (quantity depends of diameter of your bead and thickness of yarn)
Grab the yarn tail and pull to draw the center of the ring tightly closed.
Begin your second round by crocheting into the first stitch of the first round.

Ball is made as a spiral. Please count your rounds. You can put little thread – marker of safety - in the first stitch of every round.
 R2: inc in every stitch of the first round.
R3: Move the marker up to the first stitch of the round. inc, sc in every stitch  of the second round.

R4: 2 sc, inc in every stitch around.
R5: 3 sc, inc in every stitch around. Take your bead and fit it. It should fit well. If it fit tightly you should unpick 1-2 rounds and make more inc. If you have big bead you will need to repeat R4.

R6-R7-R8-R9: SC around. Quantity of this step depends of diameter of your bead. Take the bead and thread tail into the hole. Put the bead inside the finished part of the crochet bead.  Now you will crochet around the bead.

R10: dec , 6 sc around
R11: dec, 4 sc around
R12: dec, sc around
R13: dec around

When the bead will be whole covered, cut your working yarn leaving a long tail. Pass the tail in the last loop and draw tight.

Tie both tails of yarn, cut them 1 cm and pass using hook through the hole of the bead to hide them. If you can see tails on the other side, cut them again.

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Arctida said...

Great tutorial! I was just looking for one of these! Thank you for sharing it :)

IrinaN said...

Great tutorial! Thank you for sharing :)

Anonymous said...

Great directions. Your pictures are perfect and your work is too!

Well done!

évelyne said...

Merci pour ce tuto

Branwen said...

what does R10 R11 R12 mean,is it the initial for round??
thanks for this love your details

Katrinshine said...

it means row

Unknown said...

What does dec and inc stand for?

Katrinshine said...

Decrease and increase

Natashalh said...

Thank you for actually starting this from the beginning! So many tutorials don't have enough detail for someone like me who's absolutely never used a crochet hook before. You're the best!

Unknown said...

Do you have this tutorial in video? I am more of a visual learner.

Thank you!!

Katrinshine said...

Sorry, no

Unknown said...

Quelle bonne idée d'utiliser une perle en bois ! C'est plus résistant que mes balles rembourrées de chaussettes trouées ... Bravo pour ce tuto très clair.

Unknown said...

Excelente la explicación de como forrar las bolas . Te felicito


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