Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Cactus

After the long time of waiting, finally, my winter flowers are blooming!
Latin’s name: “Zygocactus truncates”. Though, in Russia we are calling those plants “Decabrist”, or “Christmas Cactus”, because at that time of year the plants are blooming naturally. I read that in America they have been called “Thanksgiving Cactus”, or “Christmas Cactus”.
Although, these plants have been called “Cactus”, they are truly different in all aspects from the common desert cactus, which we are all familiar with. They are tropical plants; their habitat requirements are totally different from true cactus’s environment.

I like them, because these plants don’t need much care and they have very beautiful flowers during all winter time.
I have them in two colors: salmon and pink. I don’t know, if you can see the difference on the photos.
I keep them on the balcony.Despite the fact that temperature in November is cold enough, though, Usually I have the “Decabrist” which is always blooming in December.

5 коммент.:

IrinaN said...

Looks nice :)

lightkeeping said...

I love these plants too! Used to have them at home and each year was amazed at the abundance of blossoms:)

Anonymous said...

So beautiful! Mine is blooming too.

rizalaYa said...

So lucky! Since I'm in Spain I could not have any plant for a long time.

Katrinshine said...

WHY? I think the weather is good to keet it on the balcony


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