Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Exploring Puglia - Ceglie Messappica

This Sunday we went to a Christmas dinner with some of our friends. The restorant was near the small town Ceglie Messappica far 40 km from Brindisi, half way between Brindisi and Taranto. This town is not so particular and beautiful as Locorotondo or Alberobello, but it is attractive small town in the countryside with long history. It’s one of the most ancient centres in Puglia. Ceglie Messapica’s history goes back to at least 15 centuries before Christ.

According to legend, the foundation of Ceglie was due to the great people of the Pelasgians, who arrived in Puglia from the East. Following the arri
val of Greek colonists in the area, around 700 BC, the city took the name of Kaila. Between IX - VII centuries BC proud and honest people, Messapi built numerous residential centers, fortified with giant walls. It was their military capital It had four lines of walls, the inner one having a perimeter of 5 km. During the Messapi dominion the city prospered and extended remarkably, achieving a population of about 40.000 inhabitants.

When we arrived was a celebration of Carabinieri. Thi
s is their this festive form. Beautiful, Is not it?

The center of Ceglie.

Narrow streets.

The city and the country-side is full of restaurant, known and appreciated even outside the borders of Regione Puglia. In one of this we are going now…

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SocksAndMittens said...

Beautiful city, I wish I am there! Very nice nice post, Katrin!

IrinaN said...

I'm jealous :) That's my dream to travel in Europe :)

rizalaYa said...

Interesting story and nice photos!


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