Saturday, February 19, 2011

Spring is around the corner

Spring is around the corner. We all mess brightly colors after long winter. I stay now in St Petersbug and have -25 C )) For me it's stiil winter. That's why I persent today these yellow leather earrings - they have so sunny color! I made it the shape of the flower. When you wear they seems two sunny flowers, two ray of light near the face.
Yellow - one of the most vivid colors of the spectrum, so it always attracts attention and brings  joy, light, charging the optimism and cheerfulness. It is associated with the sun - a bright, shiny and warm. 


3 коммент.:

Happybee said...

super cute and so spring-y!!!!

IrinaN said...

They are so cute and lemony :)

rizalaYa said...

lovely earrings! really sunny!


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