Monday, March 5, 2012

What the real Woman must be?

Do you know, what the real Woman must be?

"Beautiful and splender" - someone will say, and will be right. "Charitable and honest" - other will add, and too will be right. There are many characteristics that do honour to the real Woman. And there is something, taking all men from a mind, hat not depend from age of woman, her constitution or character.

Femininity - it that charms and entices, that drive out from a mind and does not give to forget her - that exclusive and unique Woman.  
Femininity there is in every woman, but not all women open it for self and understand it.
Femininity it is all that make men think of a women not simply as about a human, but as about something wonderful, weak and vulnerable, what men want to protect and to admire.

One my friend say: "It is not needed to tell me, that I am beautiful, cute, attractive, for make a compliment to me. Greatest compliment from that dissolve me is to say, that I'm very feminine".

Earrings in pastel tones ideally combine with the tender color of pomade, adding femine attraction to your image:

These turquoise drops add a color of the waves of the warm Caribbean sea:

These lace earrings will add charming femininity to every women:

For making these lace earrings you will need:
(tutorial from

You can use every sort of lace/lace like/embroidered trimmings. Cut the lace shape following the outlines:

A bit of transparent nail polish (or glue) will fix borders:

Insert the jump ring and the eye pin, then add the beads:

After shortening the eye pin, make a small loop at the top, add the earrings hooks and your lace earrings are ready!

Changing the earrings,  every time you will be able to look enigmatic and in a new light womanlike-attractive. 

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Natalka Pavlysh said...

Beautiful earrings!

Arctida said...

So pretty and feminine!

Tania said...

Is the nail polish applied to the whole lace? i want to make these!

Katrinshine said...

only to fix the borders where you cut lace


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