Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring fashion - big and unique rings

One of things that fashion offers for this spring is statement and unique jewelry, which by themselves are an independent element of the image. We all are yearned for bright colors, floral ornaments and freedom in the choice of clothes, and the spring just gives us an opportunity to show all the emotions and the positive charge.

 First of all - rings. Ring – it’s a kind of magic, it transforms a woman making more feminine, drawing attention to the delicate and graceful fingers. Spring, which is associated with freshness, levity and simplicity dictates the choice of materials - this is definitely can’t be heavy stones or metals, but leather - a natural material, very textured, perfectly combined with not too hot weather.

  The colors are ideal for this season - also the most natural: sky blue, grass green, tangerine orange, the color of sunflowers, rich color of red wine, soft purple, cream ...

You can wear the big ring without other jewelry - it is self-sufficient. However, as his owner!

3 коммент.:

Natalka Pavlysh said...

just love the third one!

IrinaN said...

I love the white ring!

nancy john said...

I like Big Rings fashion and i love it.


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