Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Teething necklace

If you have a little baby the thing you should have is teething necklace, called also breastfeeding or nursing necklace.

Teething necklace is:

1. Fun for the child while he is in a sling or in the arms of her mother because it’s lovely, bright and colorful, has different surfaces to touch.

2. You can help your baby's keep the attention during breastfeeding. It’s also something to occupy baby hands during breastfeeding (usually a child plucks her mother's chest, pinch or yank hairs, earrings, etc.).
3. Perfect to your teething or breastfeeded baby.

4. When a child has grown, the beads become part of developing games. Helps to develope its motor skills. Teething necklace stimulates the vision and touch development, because the beads have different textures, colors and sizes
5. A fashion accessory for mom - it is a simple way to elevate the everyday mommy-combo of jeans and t-shirt. Teething necklace looks great in a set with a sling that allows to emphasize the individuality and uniqueness of the mother.

6. Is indispensable when you walk with the baby in public transportation, wait your turn, and in many other situations. Bright, beautiful, and teething necklace will occupy your baby for a long time in any situation.
7. Crocheted beads greatly absorb mom's smell. If you need to leave for a while, give this necklace to a person feeding you baby, and your little one will feel more settled and secure.

Teething necklace is completely safe, because made only from natural materials (100% cotton thread, unfinished wood beads without paint and varnish) and do not contain any small metal or plastic pieces. Necklace can be chewed, sucked and washed with soap and water.
They also make a great baby shower gift for the mother-to-be, or a nice gift for a visiting aunt, nanny or grandmother!

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