Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I'm a featured artist

I'm so excited to write that I was featured on the one wonderful site : http://cottonridgellc.com. I't so nice site and has articles about many interesting artists, some of which are my friends )

This is article about Yelena Turetsky Merener - she make wonderful jewelry.
And this is article about Irina & Eugenie Muminova of Mulberry Whisper. They are living in Uzbekistan, country which I always dream to visit! They create amazing handmade clothing, pillow covers and accessories made of natural silk and cotton fabrics with ikat pattern.

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Mulberry Whisper said...

Congrats, it is always nice when your work is noticed and appreciated! We really like Kathie's site, it is full of nice things, and now we are featured - how wonderful!

Arctida said...

Congratulations on your feature! You truly deserve it! :) *hugs*


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