Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Shabby chic DIY

Shabby chic home decor is gaining popularity because it is romantic, frugal, and creative.
Are you a fan of beautiful vintage style shabby chic home accessories and giftware? Do it yourself!

What you'll need:
• work space (depend of dimensions of your piece)
• smaller paintbrushes for detail and large for larger areas (you can use also one for all if the piece is small)
• primer color
• main color
• candle
• medium grade sand paper
• matt varnish in spray

Make sure the surface you are going to work with is clean. Remove any drawers and associated hardware. Wash with warm, soapy water. If it’s new piece you don’t need to do anything.

Paint the piece with your color of your choice: brown, light brown or other. This paint will do two things.  It will act as a primer, AND it will give the illusion that the piece was painted this color originally.  Let it dry.

Rub with wax places you want to see primer color - along the edges and around corners (I used usual candle).

Paint the piece of furniture with the main color. May be you will need to paint again.
Allow the paint to dry completely.

Use medium grade sand paper and rough up the edges. Try to sand spots where the piece of furniture would have been bumped/scraped/hit naturally

When it finished cover piece with matt  varnish (I used in spray) to keep your newly distressed piece of furniture in tip top condition. shiny varnish will not look authentic and shabby chic!

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murmura said...

very good article!

Unknown said...

Oh, nice idea ) Thank you so much!

Arctida said...

So pretty! Great DIY!

Unknown said...

Beauty! I'll try to do the same!

IrinaN said...

Great idea! Thanks for sharing :)


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