Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Seashell dangle earrings DIY

Many of us after the summer vacance bring at home a lot of sea shells, because they are so beautiful, so cute! IT's impossible to refrain yourself and don't pick them up. But on return at home, the question arises - what to do with them? I present to you one of the ways to use thes shells!
This DIY is simple and easy!

You will need:

  • shells (4, 6, 8 - how many you want)
  • flat nose pliers
  • two pieces of a chain of about 5 cm/2"
  • earrings hooks
  • jump rings about 5 mm/ 0.02" (quantity - number of shells)

Seashells I picked up were already with holes (well, I was lucky). You can drill holes in them. How to do it? - Refer to the husband / friend / brother, they come up with, I'm not to know the first thing about this.

Open one jump ring, and thread it into the hole in the shell.

Then pass it through the last link of the chain and lock.

Repeat with remaining shells, distribute them evenly over the length of the chain. The last shell attach to the second end of the chain.
Then, attach the chain to the earring hook. The first earring is ready!

Repeat operations for the second earring and voila - your earrings are ready! 
How wonderful they will set off your taned skin!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, it's a great idea!


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