Saturday, December 14, 2013

DIY Christmas tree ornament from wine corks

I don't want to buy Christmas ornaments even more. So, I checked my craft supplies and came up with these: Christmas tree ornaments made from wine corks.
Yes, I love recycling) This is wonderful project to make with the kids! It happens that I live in a wine region and I don't have problems with wine corks) 

All you need is this:

- 4 wine corks 
- glue 
- a (serrated) knife to slice the corks 
- some thread or ribbon

To begin, cut wine corks horizontally with a knife into two parts (Do it yourself if you make project with kids)

Glue the tree working by rows (first 3 then 2) and next glue the rows together in a 3-2-1 triangular setting. So your Christmas tree will not come apart.

Take some thread, ribbon and work it around your tree twice. Make a tight double knot at the top. Make another knot so you have a loop to hang up your tree. 

We still have the two pieces of the wine cork. Take one of them and glue it or attach it with small nail at the bottom - so we got a trunk.
Here it's ready:

Today we are decorating our Christmas tree )

In next lession I will show how to make cute felt ornaments so you can decorate all tree with handmade ornaments!

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