Thursday, April 17, 2014

South italian markets. Part two - fish market

Welcome to read the second part of my story about south italians markets - Fish market
Brindisi without sea urchins I can't imagine) in season when the picking of them is permitted you can find sea urchins everywhere - in the border of the streen, on the market, in avery fish restourant. I like to eat them freshly picked on the yacht of out friends dangling feet in the sea)

These are fish from the sea near rocks, we call them Rock fish. They are perfect for "Zuppa di pesce" of Fish soup or with pasta. The fish is very fresh and often it's alive and you can see its movements.

This is anglerfish (at least this name I found in internet) - terrible to see but delicious to eat)

Sea urchins and mussels and giant octopus

This one was still alive

Fish shop where you can find every fish from our sea and also from other places too like sword-fish or tuna

The owner always scale fish for customers

They are always ready to pose) The seller of shrimps


Cicale di mare - Small European locust lobster

These are vey small anchovy, 
but in winter there are much smaller called "Schiuma di mare" - Sea foam. Usially it's eated raw with lemon or mixed with eggs and fried.

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akwiinas said...

Thanks for sharing these pictures! I am wondering - how often do you cook fish for your family? Italy's coastline is much more bigger that land border, Italians probably eat at lot of all these fish...

Katrinshine said...

Yes, we eat them at home, mostly in weekend.

DemyBlackDesign said...

Even though I'm not in love with fish it's interesting to look at these pics. ))) Thanks for sharing!

trentaitants said...


Very nice pictures, really envy being down there;
Anyway, I contact you for another subject. I made the black crochet mini skirt, and now I'm dying to make this top:
Normally I google-translate the Russian instructions but, in this case, I can't even "read" the page... Can you give me some hints? Is it possible to crochet the squares continuously?
Let me know if you have to charge for the service and Thanks in advance
Gemma (from Brussels)

Katrinshine said...

trentaitants, I can't read it too( I don't know to crochet the squares continuously so I'd croche them separately adding one after other in process.

trentaitants said...

Thanks for taking the time to answer! :-)
Good continuation in Italy


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