Friday, May 9, 2014

Spring photo shooting with yellow upcycled t-shirts

Finally after a long period of raining and cold wind the sun smile to us. I gives a happyness to me because I had a lot of new t-shirts to shoot. So first day the sun emerged out of the clouds I took my camera, my husband and we went to the nice blooming field full of white and yellow camomiles, red poppies and oter flowers. I made a flower crown. Oh... I forgot how to make it from my childhood so It was desintegrating continuously. I had to adjust it after every few photos)) But the result is nice, isn't it?

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SocksAndMittens said...

What a wonderful spring photos. I did not make a flower crown for years, so it was very nice to see yours. Love the blooming meadow!

Oksana Ignatova said...

so lovely!!!


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