Thursday, September 11, 2014

Villa D'Este, Tivoli, Italy

This summer my husband had to go to Rome for a work, and since it was on a Friday, we decided to spend a weekend in Rome. I've been there already, so we visited all main places to visit and not main too. After searched up in the Internet I found two places where we have not been - Via Appia Antica and Villa d'Este in Tivoli, small town near Rome. 

Trains to Tivoli, where is situated the Villa, are often enough, the journey takes about an hour. From the station it's not so far on foot (well, by our standards, we like trakking), omething about a kilometer. In general, walking through the old town is always a pleasure ) 

And here is the entrance to the villa: 

Villa d'Este is a wonderful and very harmonious combination of natural wealth - an abundance of water, variety of trees and flowers and the amazing fountains and palace. The owner of Villa d'Este was Cardinal d'Este, so it gave the name to the villa. It was built in the 40s of the XVI century. The palace is located on the highest point of the hill, with a magnificent view, and on the hillside is the garden. 

There are a lot of shady paths on where you can nicely walk in fresh shadow, many fountains and statues ... 

In the northern part there are fountain Water organ with the 15 m waterfall. 

There was a rainbow) 

Fountain of the Dragons: 

I liked of 150 m's Hundred fountains Alley. It is bordered with countless sculptures exuding water. All sculptures are different, I was impressed! 

I also need to rest) by the way, you can drink a water) 

The palace is a unique example of architecture and painting of the Renaissance. We walked there with pleasure, but I did not take pictures.

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ReStyleGraphic said...

Very beautiful villa! Thanks for a great post.

Lana said...

WOW! Beautiful place!

SocksAndMittens said...

Gorgeous place, I am just in love with its architecture and style. Thank you for sharing!


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