Thursday, January 15, 2015

Healthy breakfast

Holidays are over and it comes time to go on a diet to lose a weight)) So I decided to share with you my breakfast. I eat it almost every day, sometimes I am lazy or I do not have a milk, yogurt and go to make Italian breakfast) If you do not like any ingridient, you can change it on your own)) For excample goji berries can be replaced with dried fruits, nuts may be different, not only walnuts, and if you do not have chia seeds, then that's okay too.

In general, you will need

  • warmed milk
  • spoon of honey
  • half a banana
  • walnut (any nuts)
  • goji berries and raisins
  • chia seeds or plyllium seeds
  • cereal flakes or oatmeal 

I'm not going to read a lecture about healthy eating and the importance of quality of your products - who cares about their health already knows these things))

About things like chia seeds, or psyllium seeds, etc. I did not know about them until recent time. I advise everyone to read on the internet, because they are called a superfood.

Warm a milk. Put into a spoon of honey and muched banana. I make it with hand blender. Then place all the other ingredients, chop nuts.

You can eat, bon appetit) This breakfast will give you energy until lunch!

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Arctida said...

Interesting (and unusual for me) combination! I think I'm gonna try it :)


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