Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Desert Rose

Now arrived the most hot time in south Italy.  Temperature varies from 33°С to 38°С (91,4F to 100,4 F). Last year on my birthday July 13 was 42°С heat (107,6 F). All the grass has dried, there are no flowers in the fields. And the only oleanders bloom with their strange beauty along the roads. 

All around me have beige color  - It's color of dried grass, golden-beige color of the sand on the beaches... Also town is beige because all the houses here are made from beige stone from Lecce.  All this golden and beige dilute splendor has inspired me to create this ring. I called it  "Desert Rose". It remember me about the sand, the desert and dry wind. 
I made crochet flower from sand colored cotton thread and decorated the center with vintage glass bead. Then I connected it to beige leather flower. Together these two different textures make this ring similar to dunes of Sahara with their dark and light splashes.

5 коммент.:

Natalka Pavlysh said...

love this color!

SocksAndMittens said...

lovely ring, very pretty colors and nice job.

IrinaN said...

Lovely ring :)

AlexMOS said...

Wow! Wonderful story! I love color of sand and wheat! I love your ring and color combination: white and beige! Thanks!

DueAlberi said...

very beautiful colors!


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