Friday, September 16, 2011

Tutorial: Circle leather pendant with charm

You can make beautiful and stylish pendant  with your own hands. It's possible!

You will need:
a.. Piece of genuine leather  - thickness 0.02-0.06" - проверь!! (0,5-1,5 mm)
 b.. Thick needle or awl
c.. Scissors
d.. Compasses
 e.. Flat nose pliers
 f.. Charm
 g.. Ring - diameter 0.2-0.5" (0,7-1,2 cm)
 h.. Chain with lobster clusp closure (or cord)

1. Draw on the back side of the leather 2 equal circles.
2. Cut them out.
3. It has to look like this.

4. Join the edges as shown. Sew circe  together at a distance of 0.1"
(2-3 mm) from the edge.

5. If the edge of one of the circles overhang, trim it with scissors.
6. Pierce with a thick needle at a distance of 0.1" (2-3 mm) from the edge.

7. Take a ring and pass it through the hole.
8. Take a charm and put it on the ring.
9. Close the ring with flt nose pliers.

10. Pass the chain (or cord) through the ring.

Your exclusive pendant is ready!

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lovecrafts said...

So cute! i love it.

Έφη said...

Simple and beautiful!
I love it!


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