Monday, October 10, 2011

Halloween earrigns tutorial

Halloween is nearly here yet again and that means, among other things, time for Halloween costumes.  It's one of those times of the year where you can truly be anything and anyone and that is why it is tough to narrow down the choices. For those many people who enjoy being creative about Halloween, it’s time to get moving on this year’s ideas. I will help you celebrate the Halloween with fun and color! 

These are easy to make orange crochet earrigns with black beads that seem two pumpkin. You can make them with your own hands! 
You need:
2 earrings hooks (better black), 
2 round head pins (better black), 
4 black beads, 
2 crochet orange balls,
wire cutters,
round nose pliers.

If you don't know how to make crochet balls you can easy find the video tutorial here.

 1. Thread one black bead on the pin. Then thread the crochet ball and the second black bead.
 2. If pin is too long cut it about 1 cm/0.4" from the second bead. Then using round nose pliers coil the wire end. Make 1-2 coils.
 3. Attach the ear hook.
 4. Repieat steps 1-3 to make second earring.
 Your exclusive Halloween earrigns are ready!

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Unknown said...

Wonderful earrings!
Not only for Halloween, they are perfect for all autumn days

Unknown said...

Wonderful earrings!

Natalka Pavlysh said...

Great tutorial! Thank you for sharing!

GalaFilc said...


oksanai said...

Grazie per laboratorio. messo in mio FB, non ti dispiace? ^-^

kimberly said...

Love them! Thanks for the tutorial!


Unknown said...

So cute! i love it

Guria Qazi said...

very it and thanks for sharing the ways to do it...Diamond Earrings can be made more charming while working in this way


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