Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Interview with Aleksa Torri

Today I present to my readers interview with talented handmade artists Aleksa Torri. She has a shop on Etsy called CitrusCat.

- Please tell us a little bit about yourself
What can I tell about myself?
I'm 23, I have a young, ambitious and full of hope for a brighter future
By education I am a psychologist, but psychology does not attract me as a profession.
I'm a self taught handmade artist trying to turn my favorite hobby into life style and profession.
I create unusual jewelry. But sometimes I move in the other direction. Spontaneously I can start making greeting cards or decorative items for the home. In short, I am a creative person and quite unpredictable even to myself. I guess that's my trick.

- How long have you been creating? How did your journey in art and creativity begin?
 I loved to make things since I was small. As far as I can remember as a child I drew a lot, asked my grandmother taught me to embroider. Then I wanted to make clothes and I wanted to be a designer.
My path to the creation of jewelry was long. At some point I started to sew felt brooches.

After a while I realized that I like to make jewelry and I started trying different techniques and materials.
Now I’m fond of creating resin jewelry. I chose this material and technique because it allows me to create different things without limiting the imagination. 
In future I want to try to use other materials and techniques.

-What is the most important about your work?
I can identify several aspects that are important to my business. This is a good mood, inspiration, and support of my family
In my work I like the fact that I’m the owner of business and can do what I want.
No doubt, it creates a good mood which I put in my
One of the most important events for my business was opening a Citrus Сat shop on Etsy. This was a good incentive for me.

 - What would you say makes your shop unique?
The original approach to the creation of my jewelry is making them unique.
I am a self-taught and eclectic artist, who works with a variety of techniques.
My jewelry is a world full of colors of life.
With my jewelry I want to make the world more beautiful and colorful.
I hope you enjoy my creations, as much as I enjoyed creating them!

Please come to my CitrusCat store. And get a portion of happiness ))

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Aleksa Torri said...

Thank U Katrin.
I'm glad to be herе:)

Yuliya Art said...

Fabulous interview, love Aleksa's creations! Thank you for sharing, Katrin :)


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