Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Italian Polpette - meatballs

Italian Polpette (meatballs) - is traditional Sunday food in Brindisi. They can be made fried or braised in sugo (traditional italian tomato sause).

You will need:
1 lbs ground beef or veal
2 eggs
200 gr Parmiggiano Reggiano (
Parmesan cheese), grated
Black Pepper
2-3 garlic cloves, minced
White bread with no crust
Oil to fry (better olive oil)

In a bowl mix well ground meat, 2 eggs, pepper, parsley, pressed garlic and Parmesan. You may want to add third egg and some white bread, previously soaked in milk and squeezed out.

Shape small size balls. Warm up the oil (not less than two fingers depth in the pan to deep fry the balls). Fry a few polpette at a time, taking out on the paper towels to drip the extra oil. Cover polpette with another paper towel to keep warm. 

So, that’s all!
If you want to cook polpette in sugo you could fry them slightly and then stew 10-15 minutes in sugo. In this case they would be called “polpette al sugo”. 

Buon appetito!

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