Friday, August 3, 2012

Blue white Tablet woven ribbon bracelet

I already wrote here: Katrinshine: My experience in Tablet Weaving about Tablet Weaving or Card Weaving. 
Tablet weaving is used from beginning of our age and up to a new time. Vikings and anglo-saxons were made ribbon with interesting and beautiful textures. Ribbon were using for dressing clothes, belts and etc. Tablet is squared with four holes in every angle. Originals tablets were made from bones or wood, but I made from carton. Through every hole runs a thread. Can use wool thread, in this case ribbon will be thicker, and can use silk, linen, cotton and also synthetics thread.
Last week I recieve new supplies and finally I can realize one idea I had for many time. From one of ready ribbon I decided to make bracelets.
This is ribbon:

Bracelet has white and jeans blue colors which make it ideal for jeans outfit. 
It's very pleasure to touch, like a silk.

 If you like it maybe I will make new ribbon to make a few new bracelets?

Some tips if you want to study tablet weaving you can find here and here.
All you need to get you started is an old pack of cards, preferably plastic coated, some paper scissors, a single hole punch, a metal edged ruler (optional) and a texta, and your weaving yarns. Any yarn is suitable as long as it isn’t fuzzy, but cotton is probably best for colour and smoothness.
And of course, a lot of patience!
Good luck!

4 коммент.:

Elettrarossa said...

I think you're right, one needs a lot of patience. You're very good at this though! My compliments!

Katrinshine said...

Thank you!

SocksAndMittens said...

Wow, this is so pretty! I did not know you started a new technique.You are so talented, I am proud of you.

Mulberry Whisper said...

The ribbon is beautiful, silky and with nice texture!


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