Thursday, August 30, 2012

Crochet tunic

Finished august and it's time to return to my blog. This summer was so hot especially august that I was not able to stay at home) Of course we gone in vacance and of cource it was Greece which we so like. 
But return to my blog. Today I present you new crochet scheme to make wonderful tunic. It great to wear with jeans, shorts, leggins or classic pants. So feminine and romantic it's great also for beach wear!
You can order it in my etsy shop.

This crochet tunic will looks great if use silk or half viscose yarn. I used 50/50% cotton/viscose yarn. Number of crochet hook usually wrote on the yarn or you can ask in the shop. 

For the truth I crocheted almost whole tunic during my last back home from Russia this spring. I had 4 air flights and many time in airports) People looked at me and from time to time asked what I do)
I finished to crochet the tunic at home and weared it many times this summer because its very fresh and beautiful.

Scheme to crochet:
Don't tight stitches, make them free.
Schemes I found here

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IrinaN said...

It's lovely!

Mulberry Whisper said...

Too bad I can neither knit nor crochet. I admire your works, and it is very generous of you to share, too! Neautiful!

Arctida said...

Beautiful tunic! Thank you for sharing your pattern :)

Anonymous said...

very beautiful!

Yulia Kazansky said...

It's so cute! And it seems like a lot work (well, from my point of view).

Ashers said...

Have tried buying your pattern from etsy but it's expired. Could you let me know where I can buy it please.

Katrinshine said...

Ashers, I never had a pattern for this tunic in my shop. Only free pattern on my blog

kmac said...

Hi this tunic is beautiful- how many balls of yarn did you use? thank you

Katrinshine said...

kmac, sorry, I don't remember already

Sharon Johnson said...

Thanks your tunic is lovely..

Sharon Johnson said...

Thanks your tunic is lovely..


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