Friday, December 21, 2012

Free printable Christmas gift tags

Only a few days left before Christmas. In Italy Christmas is a big family holiday when all family band together usually in the hous of granparents. At midnight we open gifts and It's often difficult to find your gift becaise all packages and bags seem equal. Thats why this idea suggested itself to me - to print gift tags and write on the back side the name of person whose gift is, and maybe some words.  The tags are also a great way to personalize any gift.
Save and print these tags is a really easy way to save money at the holidays .
You can use these tags also in your scrapbooking project. I made them from vintage greeting cards that's why these Christmas gift tags looks so amazing and cute.

The size of the tags is 2x1.25 inch 48x32 mm and it's for standart 2" puncher. 
Make right click and save the image. Print it easily on home printer.  I recommend to print the tags on laser printer on 100 lb card stock. It's 8.5x11inch digital file which is standard letter size. Then cut off with scissors or puncher and make a hole. Then take nice atlas or organza ribbon, or maybe red yarn (like me) and pass it through the hole. With this ribbon you can attach the tag to the gift and make a beautiful bow)

Please, be aware that the digital collage sheet is not be sold as digital or printed collage sheet.

Happy holidays!

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IrinaN said...

They are so cute! Thank you for sharing :)

SocksAndMittens said...

These are wonderful, I was looking for some tags. Thank you so much, Katrin!

Arctida said...

Very pretty tags! Thanks for sharing!


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