Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ideas for new pillow covers!

This week I finally found a time to realize some ideas I had in my mind for many time. I made 3 new pillows and I hasten to write about them. These are tutorials for pillows I made and some I dream to make or buy)

1.   Pillow pillow decorated with crochet doilies
Tutorial I found herebut I decided to take one big doily and attaché it in the center of the pillow I already have.

2.   Upsycled sweater pillow
Use sweater out of your closet that has seen better days or find one on the local market or on the sale. Measure the insert to determine the size of the pillow adding 1/2 inch to each side for seam allowance . I cut off the sleeves and then cut off the top and bottom. Pin right sides together and sewed up all the seams, leaving a small opening on the bottom to stuff the pillow in.  Turn right side out. Add the insert and hand-stitch close
So cozy!

3.   Taffeta pillow
One more pillow I made from a piece of amazing taffeta fabric found about year ago in the shop. The photo can’t show how it’s beautiful!

4.   Shag pillow or ruffled pillow
You can also made pillow decorated with ruffles like here

This one is next to make))

5.   Boho pillow
Pillow made from vintage Uzbek rug is absolutely amazing! It is soft and silky, and feels like rayon. I dream to buy this one:

More about my ideas and my creations you can read in News section of my site:  Last article: Winter crochet skirt 

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Mulberry Whisper said...

I am so pleased you like our rug pillows! Thank you! If you ever decide to buy, just give me a shout and I will try to give you a good discount. In turn, I must say I love your pillows, especially the cable knit one - lovely!

DueAlberi said...

Love the recycled sweater pillow, very pretty! xoxo, A&F

Arctida said...

Great ideas! Love the crochet doilies one!


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