Friday, January 25, 2013

Braided leather cuff bracelet tutorial

Braided leather bracelet tutorial is easy and fun! This bracelet took me about five minutes to make.
It will be great addition to every style outfits, especially for boho lovers!

Tools and Materials
•        Straightedge
•        Leather knife
•        Pair of nippers
•        Piece of leather, 8 oz.
•        2 Ribbon ends
•        Lobster clasp closure
•        2 Jump rings 0.2” diameter
•        Adjustable chain

Cut out strip of leather of length than you want the bracelet to be. Carefully cut two inside slits with a leather knife and traightedge, leaving 1/2 inch uncut at each end. Start a tight braid.
I always start with the right side over the center, left, right. Now before you continue, bring the bottom up and through the right loop. This will put everything in a twist for a moment. Do another set (left, right, left) Now bring the bottom up and through the left loop. This will straighten out the twists and on to the next set. So if you start on the right, the bottom goes through the right loop.

The leather braid should be tight in the beginning because the end will be loose.
Once you’re done braiding, your bracelet will look a little lumpy. Don’t worry. Just give it some time & it’ll break in nicely. You can put it under something heavy.
Once you’re finished braiding, you’ll attach ribbon ends and lobster clasp closure.

You can make it with a snap closure. In this case cut out a strip of leather of length 1/2 inch longer than you want the bracelet to be.
Your bracelet is ready!

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Great tutorial! Thank you for sharing it :)


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