Monday, April 29, 2013

Poppies field

I know, it seems like I took a new toy) but I so like my new camera that I always take it with me and don't lose the chance to make some photos. 
I was going by scooter when I suddenly saw an amazing poppies field. So I stopped, took my camera from the carrier and began to make photos of poppies) I forgot to say that it's one of my most favorite flower. 
When we was going by car in Lecce I saw other one field much bigger but I can't go there by scooter, it's too far. So I need to ask my husband and it's so hard to get him to go there(
Ok, there are some photos from the small field:


5 коммент.:

GalaFilc said...

I like poppy so much!!!

Nadezda Bokovikova said...

OMG! That's absolutely beautiful!!

FleetingStillness said...

Oh my, this is GORGEOUS!

Arctida said...

Beautiful shots!

IrinaN said...

They are adorable!


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