Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Walking through the Cerano Forest

This Sunday we decided to go walking, but not far. Best idea we created was to walk along the coastal road. Going by car out of the city after about 5 km I saw the sign - Bosco di Cerano (Cerano Forest). We decided to change our plans and explore this forest, located so close to Brindisi and which for some reason we have not heard about.
For clarification I will say that the forest in our region - a rare thing, basically you can see olive groves, fields with vegetables or vinelands. Therefore, each grove is a national park in miniature.
The forest was divided by road along which we came. 

Both parts had had paths and benches for rest.

The paths sometimes came out on the sidelines of vinelands.  

Now it's spring and vines are covered with the first pale green leaves. 

And under them grow poppies and other flowers.

One of the paths led us to a huge field of yellow flowers, where sometimes poppies could have been seen.

I realized that yellow is the color of high noon spring in the southern Italy for me, because this color can be seen everywhere.

After the trees, I saw something bright yellow and scrambled through the brush I saw this huge mimosa tree in the full blow.  I didn't have enough space to make a photo of whole tree.

I liked contrast between mimosa and dry stock under it.

In the end we arrived to the sea and tired we decided to go back home.

We realized that we need to be sure prihat here for a picnic)

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Galina said...

So beautiful!!!.....

Svetlana NES said...

Beautiful and looks like Israel!

SocksAndMittens said...

Love the mimosa tree photos, I have never seen one before.

IrinaN said...

Nice walk :)

Mulberry Whisper said...

A lovey spring, so bright and sunny! We do not have mimoza here - pity. But we have poppies )

Katrinshine said...

I found here amazign field with poppies, I hope I find a time to go there to make shotes


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