Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Vintage crochet pillow

This may I decided to rearrange my supplies shop and sell there vintage crochet treasuries found on our local flea market. After visiting this market last week I found 2 vintage crochet pillow cases: white and ecru.
White is this and you can buy it here:

It's very nice, but the second one ecru was so amazing that I was not able to put it on sale)) I leaved at home for me.

3 коммент.:

Arctida said...

Beautiful pillows!

jodyfobe said...

Thats gorgeous. Do you sell the pattern? That would make up as a beautiful spread putting multiple squares. Very Cool.

Katrinshine said...

It's wonderful pillow, but I didn't make it as you can see. It's vintage. So I don't have the pattern.


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