Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Handmade yarn feather DIY

Today I'll show you how to make a yarn feather. You can use it in a scrapbooking project or cards decoration, making earrings or....

You will need:
  • yarn (how many colors you want ) such as cotton crochet yarn, can be a bit thicker or thinner
  • Wire
  • glue ( to secure the ends of the thread)
  • PVA adhesive
Cut a piece of wire about 15-20 cm (length of the feather)

For beginning apply glue to the end of the wire. Starting  about 0.5" from the end of the wire, begin winding tightly the thread around the wire. 

When you reach the end, apply  glue (so the thread doesn't slip off from the end) and wind back for about 0.5". Make a little knot and cut off the thread.

Now you need to cut a lot of pieces of thread about 2-3" long. Length should be a little more than expected width of the feather.

Begin single knotting each piece of thread starting about a half inch from the end - where you cut the thread. This will hide it and will not let it dissolve.
Follow through all the way to the end. Here's what we got.

Now , dilute a bit of PVA adhesive about 2:1, to the consistency of milk. Dip all pen in adhesive. Then gently squeeze excess adhesive out of the feather.

Lay out on a piece of plastic shape or flat surface with your fingers and let sit until completely dried. It will take at least 24 hrs (depends of the type of yarn). 

So now take pair of scissors and trim to desired shape and dimensions.
Happy crafting! 

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SocksAndMittens said...

Pretty interesting, I should try to make one like this. Thank you for sharing!


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