Friday, March 11, 2016

Easter decoration ideas

Easter is coming and if you are someone who enjoys making your own Easter decor, I have a great collection of ideas for you. Each of these ideas feature bright colors, pretty flowers, or other spring embellishments, making them the perfect choice for your Easter decorating.
Grab your creativity and find the project that best suits your decoration needs.
If you’re looking for a fun activity, try a few of these creative ideas for decorating Easter eggs! 
These sprinkle Easter eggs are quite delicate but so pretty! Source

Glitter Easter eggs - They’re beautiful, aren’t they? Source

Other amazing  and easy to make ideas
All you need for this monochromatic look is a fine-tipped black permanent marker, overall effect is clean and modern. Source
I think I will try it this year but with colorful marker

Use string or baker’s twine to secure flowers and herbs to eggs

Break out some acrylic paint to try this egg-decorating trend . Source

Easter table decorations and centerpieces are the perfect way to prepare for any spring dinner with friends or parents. 
Cotton Tail Bunny Garland is a great project to make with your kids. Source

Unique napkin folds can make a table setting extra entertaining.  Bunnies we made last year and this year I found this wonderful idea – you can fill the pouch with flowers or chocolate eggs. Source

With origami bunnies you can make a garland or simply put on the plate. Source

A well decorated table is what turns an ordinary meal into a holiday. Get your table into the holiday spirit with some creative and very cute Easter table decorating ideas.

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Lots of wonderful ideas! Lovely colours! Thanks for sharing!

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