Monday, June 13, 2016

30 Plus size fashion outfits

50% of women in US wear size 14 or larger, and in other countries there are many women too with sizes XL, XXL and etc. Fashion should be for everyone, not just for the skinny women. For example, in Italy there are some brands that make collections for Plus size and they are very nice, and there is no problem to buy clothes for girls and women of Plus size.

It so happened that recently I started to collect outfits for Plus size women. Partly, perhaps, because I have a mother of this size and I want to help her with the choice of clothes :) So I decided to share with you my collections. Mostly these are fashion bloggers. Of course, fashion bloggers, perhaps, can not be called ordinary people from the street, but it is much more close to everyday life then catalogue photos:)

 I hope you enjoy my collection :)

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Natalis Iolalis said...

спасибо за подборку

Sveta Chay said...

love the looks, fashionable

Allen Jasson said...

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