Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Earrings from metallic leather

About month ago I finally made new circle leather earrings from wonderful metallic leather I bought this spring. I have 5-6 colors of this leather and all are so beautiful especially when shine on the sun! Simple design of the earrings allow to wear them with different type outfits: urban, jeans, casual and also classic. They are light and very comfort to wear.

My favorite is pair of Grey metallic leather earrings, maybe because last time I like elegant grey color:

My second favorite is Brown metallic leather earrings:

I like also Bronze leather earrings because this color is so warm and remember me about autumn leaves:

Cream leather earrings are wonderful for wedding for bride or briesmades:
Last pair of earrings I made from purple leather:

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Light pink fabric earrings

Today I present light pink fabric earrings. They are so delicate and romantic! You can't imagine how beautiful and feminine the color of this fabric! 
If you want your bridesmades wear something unique these earring are for you! Or it can match well if you have light pink wedding gown.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

FREE SHIPPING coupon for my birthday

13 July will be my birthday) That's why I decided to celebrate it with all my followers with coupon for FREE SHIPPING for all my creations! Just use coupon code BIRTHDAY during purchase in my Etsy shop!

Teething necklace

If you have a little baby the thing you should have is teething necklace, called also breastfeeding or nursing necklace.

Teething necklace is:

1. Fun for the child while he is in a sling or in the arms of her mother because it’s lovely, bright and colorful, has different surfaces to touch.

2. You can help your baby's keep the attention during breastfeeding. It’s also something to occupy baby hands during breastfeeding (usually a child plucks her mother's chest, pinch or yank hairs, earrings, etc.).
3. Perfect to your teething or breastfeeded baby.

4. When a child has grown, the beads become part of developing games. Helps to develope its motor skills. Teething necklace stimulates the vision and touch development, because the beads have different textures, colors and sizes
5. A fashion accessory for mom - it is a simple way to elevate the everyday mommy-combo of jeans and t-shirt. Teething necklace looks great in a set with a sling that allows to emphasize the individuality and uniqueness of the mother.

6. Is indispensable when you walk with the baby in public transportation, wait your turn, and in many other situations. Bright, beautiful, and teething necklace will occupy your baby for a long time in any situation.
7. Crocheted beads greatly absorb mom's smell. If you need to leave for a while, give this necklace to a person feeding you baby, and your little one will feel more settled and secure.

Teething necklace is completely safe, because made only from natural materials (100% cotton thread, unfinished wood beads without paint and varnish) and do not contain any small metal or plastic pieces. Necklace can be chewed, sucked and washed with soap and water.
They also make a great baby shower gift for the mother-to-be, or a nice gift for a visiting aunt, nanny or grandmother!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Light brown fabric earrings

I continue to create new fabric earrings that all you so like. New pair I made in wonderful light brown color. They are so delicate and romantic! Perfect for any type of outfits and also for wedding! Your bridesmades will look stunning in these elegant fabric earrings!

You can buy them on my Katrinshine site

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Crochet bikini

In the summer all my free time we spend on the beach. There you can see a lot of fashionistas in the magnificent bikini, different styles and different colors. If you want to join them, you should have this season crochet bikini. It's a fashion trend in 2012 beach season.
Before crocheted swimsuite was only to show because they were made of cotton and stretched in the water, now there is a huge selection of special elastic yarn for swimwear. Bikini made from such yarn hold the shape very well and dries faster than cotton one. It’s easy to crochet a nice bikini and then to the sea you will be the star!

I ordered the yarn through the Internet, a beautiful mint color. The model which I chose is simple, it has only narrow lace strip to decorate the bottom of bikini. The color and texture do not need any other embellishments. But if you wish you can decorate it with beads, crochet small flowers.
I still have this yarn so you can order this gorgeous crochet bikini

This is the crochet scheme of bottom and lace:

Scheme of top:

Along the edges of bottom and top of bikini, I passed the elastic thread.

I was at the beach in my new crochet bikini and I can assure you that all eyes were on me!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

New boho feathers necklace

I wrote here: Katrinshine: Jewelry in boho style about boho necklace and earrings I created because I've been fascinated by boho style. I'm still fashinated)) And I think also many other people because this set was sold. I don't want to repeat it so I decided to make it a little different and not from brown leather but from metallic grey leather. 
Now it's ready only necklace which you can buy here, but I will create also earrings:

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Crazy fish bag

A couple weeks ago my friend Galina that has felting shop on Etsy started to create new series of bags on form of tropical fishes and animals. I was so fashinated from her bags that I decided - one must be in my collection! I asked Galina if she can make this bag in red color:
And she said: Of course!
Here is my bag, it make me happy every time I see or wear it. 

My friend Nina said in russian that it's "sumashilka" which means diminutive from "crazy" and I named my bag "moya sumashilka")

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