Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Interview with Tamara from shop MagazinIL

Today I present you my other friend Tamara and her shop MagazinIL. She is creating very particular but beautiful and useful for young mom necklaces and toys for kids. 

Where are you from? A little bit about you
My name is Tamara, I live in Israel and am a mother of two wonderful kids: my son Adam and daughter Nika. I love to cook and to knit. I like to read an interesting book or watch a good movie. Most of my time I devote to parenting and to crochet.

What items do you carry in your shop?
In my shop you can find crochet jewelry for the breastfeeding moms and for the lovers of jewelry made from natural materials. All items in my shop are handmade by me. I use only organic threads of the highest quality (cotton and linen) and only natural wooden beads (juniper and maple).

What is teething necklace?
It’s very beautiful and fashionable accessory for mom and baby. Crochet texture of the beads allow the kid to develop fine motor skills as well such beads are indispensable for breastfeeding period and during wearing a sling. Teething necklace should be made ​​of natural materials: cotton or linen thread and wooden beads made from oak, ash and apple etc. Care this necklace is very simple: just wash them in warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly. Tumble dry on a towel in a dark place (not in the sun)

What's your favorite material and techniques to work with?
For a long period of time cotton had been my preference, I like to work with it very much. However, recently I've tried linen threads and was pleasantly surprised. High quality of these threads allows to create very beautiful items.

How long have you been selling?
I sell my handmade jewelry for more than three years.

Do you have a blog, twitter, or facebook page?
Yes, I have a Facebook page www.facebook.com/MagazinIL
Also you can see, order and buy all my jewelry items on my web-site www.momsnecklace.com

Monday, February 24, 2014

Lime green Crochet Doilies Table runner

Again this Sunday we have guests for dinner at home. So I used this ocassion of preparation for dinner to make photos of other new Table runner. This time I made it from vintage crochet doilies hand dyed in lime green color, very fresh and bright.  

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Red Crochet Doilies Table runner

Last friday we have guests for dinner at home. Not that we invited them intentionally for Valentines day, but simply nobody remembered about it. Here in Italy we don't celebrate it like in US so it's normal to forgot)
I used this ocassion of preparation for dinner to make photos of my new creation: Table runner made from vintage hand dyed crochet doilies.  I prepared a table, designed napkins with small heart decoration in the center:

This one red with a flower was for the child)

And a small flower decoration in the center:

I didn't put glasses because they cover the view of crochet table runner. So this is it, beautiful red hand dyed crochet doilies table runner:

I choosen with love every crochet doily on local flea market. I've inspected each doily then I hand dyed them in red and lovingly hand-stitched them together to create lovely and one-of-a-kind table runner.

This table runner is perfect for everyday use or for special occassions like weddings, showers, holidays or parties! 

It's available in my Etsy shop

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Barefoot sandals by Lasunka for your happy summer

Today I present to my readers talented handmade artist Victoriya. She has a shop on Etsy called Lasunka.
She wrote me some words about her:
“My name is Victoriya. I was born in Russia and spent most of my life there but then I met my future husband who changed my life. We’ve got married, I’ve moved to Greece and now we have 5 children and we live on Paros Island here. I am paying a lot of attention to our family life but I love to create so I always fine a time for it. 

Creating something with your hands charge it with the atmosphere of creativity and love. This gives you the opportunity to stand out. Every creation is individual and made especially for you. I like to make my friends and family happy with handmade accessories. And I want that these beautiful accessories make you happy too, like other people who has had a chance to appreciate the beauty my barefoot sandals. "

Barefoot sandals and high socks, made by Lasunka are lacy and delicate creations for girls who easyly and light-hearted walking through life and enjoy every moment. 
These barefoot sandals can be worn for a walk along the beach, to a pool party, on the yoga or just at home. But the most special occasion is to wear them for a beach wedding ceremony, after all, you don’t need shoes on the beach? Then your bare feet will feel tenderness of warm sand and everyone will admire you.
wedding Barefoot sandals
wedding Barefoot sandals

Barefoot sandals look equally advantageous with naughty short skirt, shorts, breeches and even with jeans, as leg warmers with lacing. Oh, yes, these are my favorite! Of course you can’t wear them with jeans, but with a short skirt is’t just a win-win situation! All mens yes will be caught up by your legs, they will attract them like a magnet. Believe me - tested in practice!

I’m a happy owner of Victoriya’s barefoot sandals and they never leave my beach bag, because I do not know in advance when I’ll have the opportunity to wear them)

Victoriya gifted to my readers possibility to make their own barefoot sandals with this diagram:
It's easy to follow. Take thin cotton thread, better bright, make 5-6 ch in chircle. Then make 3 chains instead of first DC of every row. on the last row in angle instead make 15 chains instead of 5. When you finish, add two laces in remaining angles of triangle and your barefoot sandals are ready!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Pillows with hand dyed crochet doilies

My mind is always full of ideas) Last 3 months I had internship so I absolutely didn't have a time to anything. But now, when it finished I immideately put my sewing machine on the table to realize what want. Here is the result. These are pillows with hand sewed crochet doilies, these hand dyed doilies I wrote about in my post before
Every pillow is more than a pillow, it is one of a kind piece of art and love!

All pillows you can find in special section

 purple Pillows

black and white Pillows

shabby chic ecru pillow

red and grey pillow

black and grey Pillow

blue and white pillow

orange and white pillow

black and grey Pillow

black and grey Pillow

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Flea Market treasuries

I like to visit Thursday flea market. If I have a time I can lost there)) But often I don't have it so I go directly to find new doilies. Then at home I inspect and hand selected each doily to make sure that all my doilies are perfect and lovely pieces. I wash them and stir with attention. But my new idea few months ago was to hand dye them! So today I present you some new colorful doilies: red, purple, grey, black and other...
They can be used for a table centerpiece, end table display or as supply. Cotton crochet doilies work great for placing on furniture and dressers. Black doilies are especially amazing!

Brighten up your cozy home with vintage crochet items!
All these doilies you can find in my Crochet vintage treasuries Shop

Monday, February 3, 2014

Join the GIVEAWAY and WIN Pattern and Linen yarn

Would you like to have a new crochet beach skirt?
Join the GIVEAWAY and WIN Pattern from KatrineShine.etsy.com + Linen yarn from YarnStories Etsy shop

Rules are here

More my patterns you can finds in the Katrinshine shop section 

More wonderful yarnds you can finds in YarnStories Etsy shop


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