Friday, June 20, 2014

Colorful alphabet on pebbles DIY

My friend Nadya from HappyEmotions sell in her shop wonderful Alphabet Pebbles for Kids. I love them very much! It’s a fun way to teach a toddlers letters in a bright, whimsical way. 
On one of our tracking trip I found on the beach very similar stones (usually here there are only sand and seashells) . So I decided to make this alphabet to niece of my husband.

You will need

26 pebbles
Various acrylic paint colors
Paint brushes

Clear Satin Glaze

1. Wash pebbles to remove any dirt
2. Make pebbles in row to see which stone better for which letter

3. Using your paint color, paint the first letter.  Then with other colors paint all letters

4. Now we will decorate them - add polka dots onside each letter. You can outline white or yellow letter.

5. Add polka dots around each letter.
6. Spray with glaze.  Once dry, turn over and spray the back of the rock too
Your alphabet is ready)

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Beach photos of summer t-shirts

I've already made photos in flowers. This time I took some blue, striped, and some other t-shirts and went on the beach. There was nice beach complex with cabins colored in mustard and mint. Finally summer arrived, I can say that It's even too hot :) I tryed to add to the photos the spirit of summer, transparent air, pleasure to stay on the beach... Hope that worked out well ))
Some of these t-shirts already found their happy owners)

jersey t-shirt

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Pasta with crabs - italian recipe

Today I'll show you how to cook one of my favourite recipes - pasta with crab. It can be crab or lobster or similar one)

To start, you need crabs, we had one and a half crabs, not very big, just enough for two persons.

Then you need garlic, chopped parsley, 150 grams of white wine, olive oil

spaghetti (about 100g per person) - you can take a different pasta, such as penne or rigatoni. Then you need a "Passata di Pomodoro" - about 500-600 gr.

Then you need big deep pan, because we won't cook pasta separately but put it directly to sauce with crabs.

So, fry the garlic until it became golden brown, then remove it from the oil. If you have a whole crabs, then cut them into several pieces. Put them into a pan and cover it immediately, because there will be splash of oil. After 5 minutes, heft the cover and pour the wine into the pan with the crabs. Another 2-3 minutes and you can pour passata into the pan. Leave it to stew. Boil down Passata a little, then add water to the pan (boiling water) and salt (quite a bit, because the sauce will be boiled down and salinity increase). When the water begins to boil, remove crabs from the pan and add spaghetti - that's why we took a large frying pan)) fit perfectly in her full-length spaghetti) You can put crabs back at the end of cooking before serving, so they will be hot. Or leave them outside - it's your choice, just leave them on the plate wait an hour, when you deal with them)

So we do not cook the spaghetti separately but in sauce, because they will absorb a full taste of the sauce, and you just can not break away until eat all))

The time necessary to cook spaghetti read on the package. But of course we are preparing them by eye, or rather by taste - as the Italians say, "al dente", which means to the tooth. When spaghetti are ready they are not hard inside, but a little sink in teeth. Then while you put them on a plate and carry on the table, they will reach the desired condition, but will not be overcooked.

Before serving dish, sprinkle with chopped parsley and / or pecorino cheese. Parsley can also be added to the spaghetti for 3-5 minutes before finish to cook.

Bon appetit) 

Friday, June 6, 2014

Food photography

My first foof photographies, hope they are not so bad))
I often make smoothies at home so I used them to make some photos.







Red beets 

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